How to find your Dream Home this December?

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Are you looking for your dream home? Does real estate market seem confusing? Are you uncertain about how to start your search? If the answer of any of these questions is yes, we have some tips for you. These tips will help you to end the search of your ideal home sooner.

Step One: Do your homework

  • Define your dream home:

magnifying-glass-houseBefore you start hitting the road to check out the inventory, first understand what you mean by a dream home. Prepare a list of your requirements and desires from a potential home. Do not forget to take inputs from your family members, as well. Then collectively take a decision about the must-have essentials and where is a scope for compromise. This exercise will draw a fair picture of your dream home, so you can customize your property search accordingly.

  • Understand your budget:

If you are going to take a loan to purchase a house, consult with the banks and financial institutes in advance.  Moreover, if you are planning to sell your current home to move in a better and bigger place, you will have to make your home ‘salable’ to get its maximum value. Have a word with the people who have sold their homes nearby your locality to get an idea of how much amount you can expect by selling your current home.

Step Two: Spread a word

  • Work with a Property advisor:

Real estate property advisors have a thorough understanding of the market which could prove greatly helpful to navigate your search. Right from locating the property to the final transaction, your property advisor will guide you through every step.

  • Research on the Internet:

internet-researchThere are many useful web portals which help you to find an ideal property according to your budget and requirements. However, keep in mind that these web portals are just add-ons for your home hunting and not substitutes of a property advisors. Additionally, do not get sway by the charming photos of the property. Make sure you do a thorough inspection of the property before taking any decision.

  • Prepare a chart:

Whenever you go to check the listed properties, make a note of advantages and disadvantages of each house. Proximity to the supermarket, for instance, could be an advantage, whereas, limited water supply will go in the list of disadvantages. Make a comparative chart of all the properties you have seen. When a time comes to make the final decision, this chart will help you to gauge all pros and cons of a particular house.

Step Three: Be ready to move

  • Investigate property:

Take help of your estate agent to check a legal status of the property you are planning to buy. Make a visit to concerned government departments to check if the property has a clear title, any charges needs to be paid and any other liabilities you will have to bear if you buy that home.

  • Take a decision:

Pencil with "Y" Circled For YesAfter visiting homes that fit your budget and match your requirements, it is now time to take a final decision. Grab your comparative chart and sit with your family to finalize the decision. Re-visit a property you have decided to buy to check if you need to make any changes with the interior or exterior of home. Take help of your realtor for a final negotiation with the homeowner. Make sure that you make all payments legally and the documents are transferred to your name.

  • Final Touch:

Before moving in, do all major and minor changes according to your requirements in the home. Works like painting, installing furniture, and nitty-gritty changes can be done smoothly before moving into a new home.

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