Top 5 signs you are ready to buy a home!

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  • You have saved for buying your dream home


Before spending money for anything, you think of saving it for buying a home. You are ready to sacrifice your expensive holidays, a new vehicle and even iPhone to become a homeowner. Your friends might be calling you pinchfist, but who cares? You are saving money for your dream home.

  • You keep a close eye on the real estate sector

Right from home loan interest rates to new projects in your neighborhood, you keep a close watch on all activities related to real estate. Of course, buying a home will be probably the biggest investment in your life. So, you are interested to know everything that will matter to you when buying a home.

  • You sob when you write a rent check

Writing a check

It is really a tragic moment when you write a five digit check to the homeowner and think that even the EMI of your home loan will cost you less than the rent. Additionally, you are no more ready to tame your homeowner’s tantrums.

  • Expiry of Rent/ lease agreement gives you a mini heart attack


No matter how compact your furniture is and how minimalist items you have at home, whenever you think of moving to other place after expiry of your rent or lease agreement, you get a mini heart-attack.

  • You are financially prepared

You know what your budget is, how much you will have to borrow from the financial institutions and how much you will pay from your savings. You are ready to bear all the financial liabilities that come with buying a home.

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