Top Myths about Real Estate Advisors Busted

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When it comes to buying or selling homes, it seems that everyone has advice to offer about the real estate market. Many of us tend to make decisions based on the assumptions, misconception and someone else’s experiences. Biased stories, false information, invalid assumptions not only confuse you but also might derail you from the right track. And when it is about real estate, even a smallest wrong move can cost you in Lacs. Here are the top 3 popular and commonly heard myths about the real estate advisors. So, next time, if you hear any of these babble, run miles away from that ‘so called’ well-wisher.

3_1Working with a real estate advisor is waste of money: This is perhaps the most commonly heard real estate myth. All those advises like ‘You can sell a home on your own’, ‘hiring an advisor will cost you a bomb’, ‘do your research on the Internet, why do you need the advisor?’ proves often wrong when you try to apply them in real scenarios. Real estate advisors understand the market deeply. Whether you are a buyer or seller, your advisor will make sure that you get a good deal. Saving few pennies for an advisor’s commission might actually cost you huge money by getting into a wrong deal.

1Real estate advisors will force you to make the decisions: A professional real estate advisor will make you understand a fair picture of the scenario and advice you on the choices you have. He will never force you to take the decision in haste or make commitments to the other party without your consent. Working with an advisor is like having a valuable and reliable expert with you. These days, when even small real estate transactions cost for Lacs, it is good to trust an expert than playing a blind game.3Good real advisors are hard to find: This is unfortunately the truth. With so many estate adviors popping up like mushrooms, it is really hard to find a good and professional advisor. However, if you want to work with a really good real estate advisor, check his/her track record and experience. HDFC Realty is a one stop solution for real estate requirements. Right from buying, selling, leasing to even consultation and valuation, HDFC Realty provides a host of real estate services. We are a team of professional real estate advisors known for our remarkable services.  In case of a new home (not the resale one) HDFC Realty do not even charge brokerage to the buyers. Click here to know more about our services. Images used are for illustration purposes only.*

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