Why December is a good month to shop anything, including your next home!

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Year ending season is all about cleaning home, shopping, meeting relatives, exchanging gifts, thanksgiving dinners and many more happening activities…..but, what about buying a new home? Sounds strange?

When the magical month of December is an ideal time to shop apparels, gifts, accessories and even new furniture, why we cannot buy a home in this month? Yes, you can.

Winter could be the best season to buy your first home or even the next home. Want to know how? Here you go….

  • Less competition:

    The month of December is tagged as a month of holidays in many people’s scheduler. Therefore, there are a few buyers out in the market in this season. Many people hold their house hunting process and wait for ‘so-called’ ideal seasons like Spring and Summer. This ultimately results in less competition and more scope for you to grab your dream home.

  • GOSF 2014:

    Great Online Shopping Festival 2014
    Great Online Shopping Festival 2014

    This year’s GOSF is a great bonanza for home-hunters like you. Top developers like Raunak Group, Muskotiare Treat, Platinum Sagar, DPL Homes, Puravankara Developers, Oxy Park and many more have teamed up with HDFC Realty to participate in GOSF 2014. Visit gosf.in during 10-12 Dec and grab exceptional offers like gold vouchers, discount of Rs. 2,501 psf, free modular kitchen, trip for 2 to Hong Kong, free assured iPhone and many more. Purchase properties in Goa, Mumbai, Banglore, Nanital and across India at amazingly discounted rates, and make your dream home a reality!

  • Motivated sellers:

    Many real estate agents suggest clients not to list their homes for sale in year ending months. No doubt that it shrinks the inventory of homes. However, a home seller who lists his house for sell in these months is more serious about his decision. He is not just ‘testing the market’; he wants to sell his house. Such sellers are motivated for quick closing, and they are generally open for negotiations and meeting a buyer’s demand.

  • Officials have time for you:

    More attention to close the deal at the earliest

    As there are less home buying and selling activities in winter, you get more attention of attorneys, estate agents, money lenders and inspectors. This will help you to close the deal faster and smoother than it could have been in Spring or Summer. Furthermore, as it is a holiday season, you will also have enough time at your disposal to check out as many homes as you want.

  • New Year in a new home:


    Buying a home in December gives you an opportunity to welcome New Year in a new home. This is the time when mostly all your family members will be having plenty of time, so you can celebrate your housewarming party with them.

The takeaway message: Off-season could be the good-season for you to buy a home. December is not only about buying gifts; it could be a perfect time to buy a home, as well. So, stop waiting for the ideal time and take the adventure of house hunting in December! Happy House Hunting!!!

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